Joint Tactics and Technologies leadership has over 20 years in direct US Navy training experience. Our experience includes:

• Complete qualification and mission execution in manned and unmanned air platforms, System Administration Security Training (SAST).
• Our SME's are Master Training Specialists certified while instructors at Navy training commands.
• We have taught several courses of instruction and have managed the entire Navy Training Command Course Curriculum Model Management process to keep course content current with fleet requirements, and fielded technologies.
• JTT has served at the afloat intermediate training commands and conducted readiness training assessments for the C4I and Information Operations Missions (NMETS/JMETS) for deploying forces.
• We have maintained the distributing learning environment on US Navy large deck platforms (CVN).
• And have provided inputs to NTMPS and TRMS based on operational and advanced C4I and IO training requirements for deploying forces.
JTT is ready to incorporate the latest in distributed learning, automated testing, and web enabled computer based content and ensure the Knowledge Skills and Attributes needed in today’s military training courses are available. Our expertise spans fixed site training commands to the "tactical edge" user in the field. Let us solve your training needs for any program, customer, or operational networked and integrated scenarios.