Current Projects

JTT is performance driven. We apply knowledge and experience to all projects that yield outstanding results, and a superior level of customer satisfaction, that few c ompanies accomplish. Below is a sample of current projects:

The Naval Synchronization Toolset (NST)

NST is an Internet-based software toolthat provides the Department of the Navy (DoN) with predictive analytic capabilities for the sourcing of aircraft to squadrons, squadrons to air wings, and air wings to aircraft carriers. NST will offer rapid visibility into the consequences of the scheduling decisions related to individual aircraft, squadrons, carrier air wings, and carriers. The predictive planning capabilities of NST will be used to resource F/A-18 aircraft to squadrons carrier strike groups (CSGs), to meet the aircraft inventory requirements for aircraft carrier strike groups.

Cryptographic Modernization (VACM)

The voice systems IPT is responsible for ensuring that the Navy's secure voice (current and long-term) interests are protected in the face of rapidly evolving joint technologies. These efforts are especially evident in the Navy's partnership with the U.S. Air Force-led acquisition of modernized radio cryptographic replacement devices necessary to support updated National Security Agency encryption algorithms. This highly competitive program sets new standards for encryption performance and ease of use.