System Engineering & Integration

JTT achieves the successful delivery of integrated systems by entering the project with a focus on the end state, managing to the details, and engineering to the integrated vision. We de-synthesize every project down to 4 or 5 levels of work breakdown structure, and implement rigorous systems engineering best practices to design, develop and deploy the product. JTT’s engineers have worked in CMMI level-5 organizations, and applied disciplined process improvement methodologies. Our service reduces cost, improves response time, and provides tangible benefits to our customers.

JTT is goal oriented and we help customers succeed by implementing cost-effective, improved processes, that are built from over 100 years of collective experience.

JTT has the essential domain expertise required for successful systems integration. We maintain proficiency in key areas such as:

• Training Solutions Development
• Modeling & Simulation
• Security Engineering
• Security Operations & Management
• Information Management / Knowledge Management

• Military Communications
• Military Operations
• Cyber Security
• Logistics
• Sensors & Data Collection