Compliance Auditing

In the defense and security industry, ensuring compliance and managing risk are key elements of a successful organization. JTT parlays years of experience in military information security into higher level compliance audit above and beyond what you will find with commercial competitors.

JTT performs high-quality compliance audits for a vast array of risk and compliance frameworks, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and NIST. Our audit offerings include:

• Governance Consulting
• Comprehensive security assessments
• Audit Planning
• Mock-Audits
• Formal Audits

Governance consulting assists organizations how to build compliance into everyday processes and workflow. Mock-audits facilitate tracking down issues that need to be addressed by an organization, and to help prepare for formal audits. Formal audit and reporting provide independent verification to stakeholders that an organization is compliant with current governance. JTT can conduct vulnerability scans using all of the standard test tools which are employed in our most sensitive and highly valued networks, as well as penetration tests at many levels of the security model. These audits enable our customers to focus investments to assure our customers that their systems and data are compliant and secure!